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Does your dog need additional supervised playtime, socialization, entertainment, exercise or get into mischief while you are away from home? Perhaps you work long hours, are having company over or work done to your house? The Dawg House located in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, offers a solution – Doggie Daycare!
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Does your pet cuddle up with you at bedtime?

Do you sign your pet's name on holiday cards?

Or do you just love your pet like a family member?

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The Dawg House™ is focused on providing superior care and personalized attention for all canine guests so pet parents have peace of mind that their pet is safe and happy
The Dawg House™ offers both day-care and overnight stays for your dog.
With day care your pet can spend the day in one of our private rooms or they can enjoy a group play session.


BEFORE 9:00 PM to noon (on pick-up day)
Drop off your dog anytime during regular business hours. The day you pick up your dog, check out is noon - after 12 pm.
On the day the dog goes home, if picked up after 12pm there is a $10 daycare charge, if picked up after 5pm there will be a $20 daycare charge.
small dog to medium dog:
• $35.00 per day
large dog to x-large dog or needy dog:
• $45.00 per night
7:00 AM TO 9:00 PM
(past 9 pm will be considered an additional overnight charge for
overseeing your loved one)
Daycare - for the first 8 hours
• $25.00 per day
Daycare - for dogs who stay greater than 8 hours
• $30.00 per day